Pocket InformantのiPad版。手帳ライクな見た目も特徴。

Pocket Informant HD (Calendar & Tasks)
Web Information Solutions, Inc.

Pocket Informant HD (Calendar & Tasks)

無料 日本語表示設定あり iPad用
 日本語表示設定あり iPad用
評価:4+ リリース:2010/07/22 カテゴリ:仕事効率化
現在のバージョン:4.61 サイズ:39.6MB
Web Information Solutions, Inc.

バージョン 4.61 の新機能

We are getting ready for our Mac Desktop Informant Early Access release - check our website for more info. In the meantime we've polished up a few areas for you in Pocket Informant:

- TravelAssist now searches for a wider range of cities than before
- Search View now applies the Date Range option to Tasks
- ETA current location now times out much later than before - allowing ETA to work in more cases
- Task Dates now show in a Tasks View printout
- Continued improvements for Toodledo:
a) we think we've finally resolved all the login issues. You may have to re-login one more time after this update for the improvement to take effect.
b) task alarms download more reliably
- Emailing Tasks with subtasks and checklists is more reliable
- Improved some Project drawing issues in Tasks
- Fixed a special situation in Notes View where a note might not get saved if you pin it before adding text
- Calendars to Sync for Google works better with adding new calendars

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