Pocket Informant (Calendar & Tasks)
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Pocket Informant (Calendar & Tasks)

評価:4+ リリース:2009/03/27 カテゴリ:仕事効率化
現在のバージョン:2.61 サイズ:13.9MB
Web Information Solutions, Inc.

バージョン 2.61 の新機能

Continuing our focus on polish and improvements version 2.61 brings:

• Various improvements and fixes for the new Setup Assistant
• Fixed some iOS 5 compatibility issues
• Several improvements to iOS Reminders handling
• Fixed issue with Day View sometimes drawing events or tasks on top of each other
• Fixed issue where Smart Groups based on a relative date might not always update themselves when changing to a new day
• Fixed issues with the new Photo Attachment Viewer when deleting/adding new shots
• Improvements to Location Bookmark behavior and the Map Location viewer
• Fixed some issues with editing locations
• Fixed the handling of certain recurrence rules (like "first weekday of the month") when using iOS Events
• Completed tasks are no longer shown in the Today tab's "Tasks starting today" section
• Fixed rare condition where PI might think there is no internet connection (and thus refuse to sync) even though internet access is available
• Improved the handling of recurring events/tasks when changing them to a new day
• Location, template and star buttons are all easier to tap now
• Fixed issue where in rare circumstances, alarms may not fire
• Fixed various display issues with recurring all day events
• Fixed issue trying to re-enter a password after you've failed once
• Several minor UI improvements and fixes, including how the "current day" is displayed in various views, week view headers not updating after a theme change, visual consistency between notes and tasks view, and more
• Stability and significant performance improvements to iOS Event handling, sync, and other areas of Pocket Informant

As always we appreciate your feedback - most of the improvements in this list are the direct result of your feedback. Also remember that we cannot respond to App Store Reviews so make sure to use the built-in Feedback tab to request help or recommend a feature; or visit

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