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MyTasks light
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MyTasks light

評価:4+ リリース:2008/09/26 カテゴリ:ユーティリティ
現在のバージョン:2.3.3 サイズ:3.8MB
Thomas Lueth

バージョン 2.3.3 の新機能

Features Version 2.3.3 light:
* email now supports text and html format, includes images
* gestures on main screen:
** single tap: detail view as usual
** double tap completes tasks
** swipe left: shows option to delete task
** hold/long tap: menu with certain options

* Log logs now more activities
* Textview now stable
* startscreen open faster
* iPad: Background now with colour
* crash on folder-settings
* Inline edit now supports spell-check
* header now shown on main screen if entries are available
* assertion/stop on first startup now handled smoother

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